geo assistance

Prensentation :

GEO ASSISTANCE is Service Company; our core of interest is to provide logistic services, field assistance and administrative support for foreign private companies working in : geology, geochemistry, seismic acquisition, oil , gas and mining exploration.

Staff experience

Geo Assistance staff has participated in many projects carried out by internationals foreign companies in Morocco like: 

British Geological Survey (UK) (Geochemical Project in the Anti Atlas Mountains) 
Council for Geoscience (South Africa) , Court Helicopter Corporation and Helibip(South Africa ) (Geological mapping and Geochemical Project in the Anti Atlas Mountains) 
CGG Geoterrex-dighem (French) (Airborne geophysical project) 
Compagnie Generale de Geophysique (French) (onshore seismic acquisition) 
Fugro Airborne Survey (Canada) (Airborne geophysical project) 
Metalex ventures (Canada) (Geochemical Project in the Sahara of Morocco ) 
CHC Helicopters Africa Ltd (South Africa) (deepwater drilling campaign for Shell and Vanco Energy) 
Sander Geophysics LTD (Canada) (Airborne geophysical project) 
Geoatlas (Morocco) (onshore seismic acquisition) 
Transatlantic petroleum Maroc Ltd  (USA) 
Kasbah Gold (Australia ) ( Tin mining exploration )