About Company and Goals

Presentation of Geo Assistance

- Geo Assistance is Service Company. Our core of interest is to provide Permitting services for onshore seismic acquisition, as well as permitting services for oil, gas and mining exploration.
- With nearly 15 years of permitting services experience with international foreign companies, Geo Assistance permit agents offer experience and knowledge needed to assist our clients in their projects in a timely and efficient manner. The Geo Assistance permitting services survey team uses the latest technology and equipment to ensure a successful final product.
- The Geo Assistance mapping department utilizes the latest mapping software and geo databases to report progress throughout the duration of the project.
- The permitting services requires a full knowledge of the land status and a good coordination with landowners, client, public and government entities to ensure an understanding of all rights and obligations of the parties.
- Geo Assistance provides a range of other services which concern logistic services, field assistance and administrative support for foreign private companies working in geology, geochemistry, and geophysics operations.

Staff experiences

Geo Assistance staff has participated in many projects carried out by internationals foreign companies in Morocco

British Geological Survey (UK) (Geochemical Project in the Anti Atlas Mountains)
Council for Geoscience (South Africa) Court Helicopter Corporation and Helibip (South Africa) (Geological mapping and Geochemical Project in the Anti Atlas Mountains)
CGG Geoterrex-dighem (France) (Airborne geophysical project, area middle Atlas, Anti atlas Sahara of Morocco)
IMC Geophysical Services Ltd (UK) (Onshore seismic acquisition area Gharb Morocco)
Compagnie Générale de Géophysique (France) (Onshore seismic acquisition Gharb and Sahara of Morocco)
Fugro Airborne Survey (Canada) (Airborne geophysical project Morocco)
Metalex ventures (Canada) (Geochemical Project in the Sahara of Morocco)
CHC Helicopters Africa Ltd (South Africa) (deepwater drilling campaign for Shell and Vanco Energy Area Agadir Morocco)
Sander Geophysics LTD (Canada) (Airborne geophysical project Morocco)
Geoatlas (Morocco) (onshore seismic acquisition area Moulay Bousalham Morocco)
Transatlantic (USA) (Permitting for onshore project Gharb , Karia, Asilah, Larache … Morocco)
Kasbah Gold (Australia) (Tin mining exploration Achamachach Meknes Morocco)
Sanu resources (Canada) (silver and copper exploration Morocco)

Our services


Geo Assistance provides different types of services related to exploration and geology in the mining sector, to help our clients to use mine resources in most valuable way

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Oil and gas

Geo Assistance has been since 2006 providing a range of services for the Oil and Gas exploration. We are the only company in Morocco providing the permitting services for oil and gas sector.

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Logistic and administrative assistance

Geo Assistance offers a wide range of logistic and administrative assistance services from the importation of equipment, its transport during the execution of the project in the field, in all respect of administration and legal rules

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Our clients