Our Services


Geo assistance provides a different type of services related to the Mining sector and under the new mining code and procedures (33-13) of Ministry of energy and Mine we upgraded our services to comply with the rules in use.
• Structural geological assessments.
• Surface and stream-sediment geochemical surveys (sampling and panning).
• Geological and GIS mapping.
• Provision of highly-skilled expert and Moroccan technician staff for exploration projects.
• Drilling management of mining project (geologist and manpower).
• Assistance for mineral and surface permitting services acquisition.

- Mine Technical presentations and legal issues on buying and selling projects.
- Liaison with locals, communities and government entities.
- Negotiation with land owners and advise on all aspect of land status.

Oil and gas

Geo assistance has been since 2006 providing a range of services for the Oil and Gas exploration.
• Geological seeps sampling.
• Scouting to prepare the offers for 2D and 3D seismic and drilling surveys
• Liaison with locals, communities and government entities.
• Management of manpower for whole crew in land seismic acquisition.
• Permitting services:

- 2D and 3D seismic acquisition survey.
- Drilling well location.
- Pipeline and camp site.

Logistic support and administrative assistance

Administrative services

• Assisting foreign companies wishing to participate in different tenders launched by Moroccan administrations and investors in Morocco.
• Project developer and assisting foreign companies in negotiations of partnership agreements with potential Moroccan partners.
• Work permits.
• Procurement.
• Quotations for and orders of major purchases.
• Insurance.
• Liaison with clients.
• Delivery of documents and survey data.

Logistical support

• Project Management assistant.
• Camp management assistance.
• Employment of all necessary local manpower, including negotiating and managing labor. contracts and remuneration; Renting of suitable accommodation. • Assistance for export and import.
• liaison with government departments.
• Secretarial work.
• Providing vehicles.
• Transportation of personnel and equipment.