Geo Assistance

Juin, 11,2021

– Geo Assistance is Service Company. Our core of interest is to provide Permitting services for onshore seismic acquisition, as well as permitting services for oil, gas and mining exploration.
– With nearly 15 years of permitting services experience with international foreign companies, Geo Assistance permit agents offer experience and knowledge needed to assist our clients in their projects in a timely and efficient manner. The Geo Assistance permitting services survey team uses the latest technology and equipment to ensure a successful final product.
– The Geo Assistance mapping department utilizes the latest mapping software and geo databases to report progress throughout the duration of the project.
– The permitting services requires a full knowledge of the land status and a good coordination with landowners, client, public and government entities to ensure an understanding of all rights and obligations of the parties.
– Geo Assistance provides a range of other services which concern logistic services, field assistance and administrative support for foreign private companies working in geology, geochemistry, and geophysics operations.